“Objects in the mirror may be closer and more terrifying than they appear”

The first great work of Sheldon Wilson was the “Shallow Ground” movie. After its 2004 release everybody was waiting for the next director’s creation impatiently. And we got a real horror masterpiece. “Kaw” movie saw the world in 2007. It is the USA and Canada horror thriller done in the best traditions of Hitchcock’s stories.

kaw movie poster

Sheldon Wilson was undoubtedly inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” which tells the story of a small town attacked by great amount of birds for unexplained reason. Sheldon liked this story and decided to make the own one. What is the interesting detail is that the “Kaw” movie used the real birds. This fact made the film more interesting for viewers and limited the use of CGI.

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The “Kaw” movie stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Stephen McHattie, Kristin Booth, Kristin Booth<, and John Ralston. This story has an exciting plot and well-done special effects. The birds’ attacks make viewers watch the film with breathtaking interest. Technically the movie is really fine. The ravens are undoubtedly well trained and could do the great tricks.

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KAW Movie Trailer